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Whos aiming for first prize in the Everything-Nikon Foto Challenge 2015

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High-end (Professional) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D4s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D4 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high resolution
Nikon D2Xs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high speed
Nikon D2Hs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2H Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1H Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D810A Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D810 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D800E Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D800 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D750 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D700 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - DX sensor
Nikon D300s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D100 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - FX sensor
Nikon D9300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D610 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D600 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - DX sensor
Nikon D7200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D7100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D7000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D90 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D80 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70 Stamp by CroWelsh

Upper-entry-level - DX sensor
Nikon D5500 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Grey D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Bronze D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D50 Stamp by CroWelsh

Entry-level (Consumer) - DX sensor
Nikon Red D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D60 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40x Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40 Stamp by CroWelsh

Nikon stamps
Stamp - EN20092 - EN001 by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - EN002 by darkaion Everything Nikon by ODRA2006 Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001b by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Contributor by darkaion Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001a by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Moderator by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Admin by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Member by darkaion

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Autumn tutorial

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2015, 10:23 AM

EN Foto Challenge 2015

Our Everything-Nikon Foto Challenge 2015 is starting to pick up pace with entries already rolling in.
Theme:        Humanity in a Black & White World
Have you already submitted? Have you got a concept for it yet? Do you even know what I am talk-ing about?
If not head on over to July's journal and get reading! Then come back here and finish this month's journal that will have a nice relevant tutorial to help give you the edge.

Everything-News news title by in-my-viewfinder

Nikon Museum

Nikon are very excited to let you know that they are opening the Nikon Museum on October 17, 2015, on the second floor of its head office in Shinagawa, for the 100th anniversary of Nikon's foundation in 2017.
It all looks pretty interesting and well worth a visit if you are in the area. You can read more on this on the Nikon blog.


Everything-nikon tutorials banner by in-my-viewfinder

Autumn colour

Latvian autumn by kuzjka
We have been a bit black and white mad the last few months what with the contest and all so here is a nice colourful tutorial as everything outside turns bronze and yellow.
If you are in the northern hemisphere it is getting to that time of year when the leaves change colour, the birds fly south and you probably get a cold. Ignoring the last bit, this gives you allot of great opportunities for landscape and subjective photography.

But how best to make the most of it?
It can be quite easy to take in a scene full of fantastic browns, reds and golds only to end up with photographs that come out muddy and uninteresting.
First off I'd implore you to remember your basics. Just because the season has changes, don't change your shooting style for no good reason. So remember to use good composition, think what message you are trying to convey and make lighting work for you.
Don't just shoot now and hope photoshop will fix it later because it more than likely won't.
Memories are Like Starlight... by Corvidae65 autumn sun by ssilence
On the subject of lighting it is a good idea to try to be out in one of the golden hours (yes there are two if you can drag yourself out of bed in time). Get out early in the morning or just before sunset for the low, soft, dynamic and warm light that it offers. This works very well with autumn leaves and will help your images stand out. This is where scouting will help you out. Knowing where the interesting subjects are in advance will allow you to make the most of these fleeting moments as the sun sinks below the horizon.
Fall Greets Winter by StephGabler autumn leaves by eaniton
Don't limit yourself to this though. You may find that some scenes will suit a cloudy day more, giving a different mood entirely. To help with balanced lighting you might want to consider using speed lights and/or a gradient N/D filter.
Reflective Autumn by EarthHartThe colors of Autumn - Part VIII by myINQI
Polarizing filters can help with the saturation or your images further. They are also great for getting lovely blue skies. If that wasn't enough, they will also decreases some of the haze that you may get this time of year. Shooting in black and white or infrared can work well here too. You lose the col-our but show this detail as tones. This can also shift your viewers focus; so rather than seeing the colours they will see the veins in the leaves and their shapes instead.
Autumn Serenity by Brian-B-Photography Autumn by Yagoryo
If you are struggling to get the colours of your leafy subject to stand out then try looking for contrasts. A background of green grass or a deep blue sky will help your red/brown leaves to stand out far better than a background of more trees of the same colour.
Going Down by EarthHart A Toady In Autumn by steampoweredk9
As with any landscape you may find that rather than making the autumn leaves the subject, they should be complimented by a strategically placed subject like an old tree trunk, interesting rocks, a hunters lodge or a person. This will give the viewer a point of interest to look at whilst exploring your image. Even an individual leaf could be this subject but this is your creative fun to have and not for me to tell you what to do.
We hope these little pointers will help you this autumn in creating more fantastic photographs to submit to our group. If you have any pointers or ideas of your own then please do share them here.

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