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Happy birthday!! You ope your big present and are confronted with a brad new Canon 5D mkIII. What do you do? 

75 deviants said Accept the gift with good grace whilst simultaneously sticking it on eBay mmm D810 here I come.
34 deviants said Keep it and hope your Nikon doesn't find out about your two timing antics. (this may go all a bit Romeo and Juliet)
17 deviants said Skip into the distance with your new found love. Nikon who?
3 deviants said throw gratitude to the wind and enter an hour long rant on how Canon is the reason the world sucks today


High-end (Professional) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D4 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D800E Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D800 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D700 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high resolution
Nikon D2Xs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high speed
Nikon D2Hs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2H Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1H Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - DX sensor
Nikon D300s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D100 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - FX sensor
Nikon D600 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D610 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - DX sensor
Nikon D7100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D7000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D90 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D80 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70 Stamp by CroWelsh

Upper-entry-level - DX sensor
Nikon D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Grey D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Bronze D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D50 Stamp by CroWelsh

Entry-level (Consumer) - DX sensor
Nikon Red D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D60 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40x Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40 Stamp by CroWelsh

Nikon stamps
Stamp - EN20092 - EN001 by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - EN002 by darkaion Everything Nikon by ODRA2006 Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001b by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Contributor by darkaion Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001a by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Moderator by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Admin by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Member by darkaion

*stamp order Thanks to Wikipedia
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Buttons VII lock and OK

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 6:03 AM

Everything-News news title by in-my-viewfinder



When Nikon drops the big bombs we tend to sit up and listen. The D800 was a big one, dragging the D700 not just up to date but right up there with the D4. So what of this new D810 we speak of?

Well you can read all about that on the Nikon blog that we will link in a mo, what we are going to look at is what has changed and what does this mean to the D800 owners out there?
Well the first place people tend to look is the sensor and at a whopping 36.3MP there are plenty of photosytes to stick pixels into your image. But that is the same as the D800 isn't it? Well yeas and no. The pixel count is the same but it is completely redesigned with better filtration and circuitry. It also has the anti-aliasing filter removed like the D800E but better moire reduction software means this will be less of a problem, if it ever was.
Expeed 4 image processing was an obviouse change giving us a higher ISO range, shutter speed (6fps or 7 with grip) and better picture control. The last bit is all about how it converts to jpeg.

Another hand down from the D4s is the improved AF with grouped AF sensors for better tracking.

An improved shutter reduces vibration during shooting and can go faster than previous shutters. We also get a higher res screen that, in live view, be split in two so you can check focus in two different areas at once, very useful for macro! A highlight-weighted metering mode has also been added to better balance exposure results when spot-lit or when strong backlight conditions prevail.

Supporting the WT5 wifi module and a higher capacity battery round up this not exhaustive mod list.

So on their own they might seem like tiny tweaks but all together the already strong D800 has been placed even higher above anything its competitors could come up with. Lets not forget here that there wan't much wrong with the D800! It is still by far the best camera at its price range.

As for price, there are none available for preorder (Estimates are around £2700) as of yet however it is worth noting the Nikon D800 is substantially reduced to clear old stock. So if you are thinking the changes aren't things you would miss then now is the time to get a D800 at a bargain price!

You can read all about the D810 on the Nikon blog.




Capture NX-D

Nikon wades into the image editing world with Capture NX-D. Designed to offer RAW editing for all of its platforms, at everyone's favourite price.
That’s free if you were wondering.

Designed to be simple and accessible to use, it might not be dragging users away from photoshop but it will be a useful one stop shop for quick editing for when you just need results now.

But don't take our word for it, get down to the <a wytiwyg="1"…>Nikon blog and read about it yourself.



Nikon photo contest 2014-2015

The biggest contest on your calendar and you, as a Nikon user, are invited to compete.

Massive prizes are available for this top drawer contest that you would be wise to at least attempt to enter. Even if you only take a look to see what your camera can really do, please do take the time to have a look. You can read all the details on the Nikon photo contest 2014-2015 on the Nikon blog.




Everything-nikon tutorials banner by in-my-viewfinder


Buttons VII – lock and OK

This month we will have a look at two buttons as they have quite a limited number of usages although some may be surprising/ not very well understood.

Wp 000541 by in-my-viewfinder D700 detail back screen by in-my-viewfinder Nikon D50 view 1 by Zoomwafflez

What is it?


You should find this little round chap on the bottom left of your screen. A large white OK leaves no ambiguity as to who it is either, so nice and simple. Variations include the D5100+'s who have stuck theirs at the centre of the command dial for reasons that will become clear later. Older DSLR's like the D50 swap out the OK for an ENTER label. Performing the same task as OK it is a more logical choice for English language speakers but the change to OK is at least a bit more bilingual. Going back further a similar button (SEL) or select was used on some data backs to perform the same job.


On the left of the screen you should see a button with a key on it. The position changes quite often but is nearly always in the same general area with the exception of some smaller frames that, due to space constraints, have this button sharing tasks with others like ? and AE-L. The wonderful digital image of a D50 above by Zoomwafflez demonstrates this well. This goes right back to the D100.

What does it do?


When navigating menus this is one of the buttons you can use to enter them or accept question boxes. On some cameras this job can also be done with the centre button on the command dial leaving the OK button sort of redundant. Times when this is not true is when a question box requires you to use the OK key to accept a change.


How do you protect an image on your film camera? Well you wind on and try not to open the back in the light.

With the invention of digital photography we now gained that mildly upsetting problem of accidentally deleting your image during a "sort through" of your images. To prevent overzealous use of the delete button you can lock an image to reduce the chance of you making this mistake. If you have applied a voice memo, this will also be protected.

This is a bit of a legacy now as this was more of a problem when we were shooting with tiny CF cards that rapidly filled up. These days you can comfortably do a whole days shooting on one card and still have half the card left. With this in mind there is no need to delete images on the fly, you can do this on your computer later when you are looking at things on a far better screen.

However if you do find yourself out for days at a time with no back up facility then you might find yourself needing to protect your images.

During image play back you simply need to navigate to the image(s) you want protecting and press the lock button. A black icon with a white key should appear (D3X) highlighting this image is now protected. It will now be un-deletable on your camera however if you connect your camera to your computer had transfer files with the erase after transfer box ticked it will still be deleted from your card. Once the image is on your computer you will need to protect it again as this protection is not transferred.

You will still be able to edit this image in camera whilst it is protected. A new image will be created so leaving the original unaltered and still protected. The new image will need locking should you want this image protected to.

Should you decide you no longer want this image protected on your camera simply press the lock button again and the icon will vanish.

When in live view this button will cycle though the over lay options from a simple focus point to grids and virtual horizon.

There are sometimes secondary features built into this key that are denoted by a painted symbol on the camera body.
In the D3X's case you have a question mark and info.

Pressing the lock key during shooting will bring up the info screen. This is a large graphical representation of your camera set up as an easier to read option to your top screen. This is useful for when your camera is on a tripod and the large text is easier to read to. You can lower the screen brightness in the camera setup menus if you wanted to use this at night as otherwise it is a bit bright.

During menu navigation, should you ever want to know what something does without looing an hour navigating the camera manual, you can hit the lock key for another of its secondary features as the ? button. Some cameras have this as a dedicated key and may have far more comprehensive help with regards to functions and features. On the D3x it is a quick guide that pops up on the screen for as long as the button is held. Menus that have this help will have a ? icon at the bottom left of the screen




Project – Blurred is the word

You voted for it boys and girls so lets put our cameras where our, erm, well, in front of our faces and take some blurred photographs.

This is nice and simple, use image blur to artistic effect and win!
You can use motion blur, focus blur, zoom (be aware Princess-Amy will hunt you down for using zoom blur ;) ) or any other type of blur you can come up with in camera.
Other than that, usual Everything-Nikon rules apply, images must be taken this month and feature elements of image blur. All contest images must be uploaded to the project folder where they will be assessed for suitability and a poll will be held next month with the shortlist so you can pick the winner.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask if not log off, pick your camera up and go out and take some blurry photographs!!!



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