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Do you Liveview? Why? check out this months journal 

29 deviants said I prefer to use the viewfinder but the liveview comes in very handy some times.
28 deviants said I rarely use liveview. I only use it when there is no way to use the viewfinder.
11 deviants said Never. I'd rather eat my arm.
4 deviants said I can liveview what iso my film is in that little window I guess....
1 deviant said Most of the time. I use the viewfinder when I have to.
No deviants said Always. But then I own a compact soooo.....
No deviants said All the time. I'd spend all day looking through it if it wasn't for the battery running out.


High-end (Professional) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D4 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high resolution
Nikon D2Xs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1X Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Professional) - DX sensor, high speed
Nikon D2Hs Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D2H Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D1H Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - FX/Full Frame sensor
Nikon D800E Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D800 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D700 Stamp by CroWelsh

High-end (Prosumer) - DX sensor
Nikon D300s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D100 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - FX sensor
Nikon D610 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D600 Stamp by CroWelsh

Midrange - DX sensor
Nikon D7100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D7000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D90 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D80 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70s Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D70 Stamp by CroWelsh

Upper-entry-level - DX sensor
Nikon D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Grey D5300 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Red D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon Bronze D5200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D5000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D50 Stamp by CroWelsh

Entry-level (Consumer) - DX sensor
Nikon Red D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3200 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3100 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D3000 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D60 Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40x Stamp by CroWelsh Nikon D40 Stamp by CroWelsh

Nikon stamps
Stamp - EN20092 - EN001 by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - EN002 by darkaion Everything Nikon by ODRA2006 Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001b by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Contributor by darkaion Stamp - ClassicEN - EN001a by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Moderator by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Admin by darkaion Stamp - EN20092 - Member by darkaion

*stamp order Thanks to Wikipedia
For more stamps, check out our new stamps gallery.

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Everything-Nikon Foto Challenge 2015

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 2:01 PM

Everything-News news title by in-my-viewfinder

Nikon D750 firmware update C:1.02

danbo with nikon d750 by cormozy
If you own a D750 then this will interest you.
The latest firmware update is meant to improve reliability of your camera. Nikon were no more specific than that. Either way it sounds like a good thing.
Download it now from here and follow the instructions to improve your snapping experience.


Nikon working with Apple?

iPhone D4 by swiftmoonphoto
We don't tend to share rumours, nasty habit. We prefer to leave that to Nikon rumours but every so often they come up with something interesting and we thought you ought to read about it.
It could be nothing, it could be something huge or tiny. Who knows?
From Nikon tech in i-phones to a remote shutter button on your apple watch. There are many ideas bouncing around twitter after this little rumour. Nasty rumours….

Is the Nikkor 300mm f4 pf a game changer

This is an interesting little write up of a nature photographers experience with the new Nikkor lens. Richard Peters puts the new light weight yet super powerful PF lens through its paces and comes to some interesting conclusions. Have a read
and decide for yourself if this will change the way you look at pro glass.

Everything-nikon tutorials banner by in-my-viewfinder

Well there should be a tutorial here but CroWelsh has been rather busy and come up with this:


Everything-Nikon is and has been a fantastic group to be a member of, to the point where it is now ... a Super Group! So in an attempt to reflect this huge group status, we admins have (in the free-time we have available) begun a slow, but (hopefully), meaningful process to enhance and develop new or additional ways to engage with members, whose photographic talents span widely across the many genres in the world of Painting with Light.

Everything-Nikon realised that some changes needed to be made in the widening scope of submissions to our galleries, which resulted in the addition of the Everything-Postprocessed Gallery.  We believe this has been appreciated and was 'wanted' by members who go that little bit beyond the scope of Nikon equipment. We think it's a fantastic addition and is proving suc-cessful since it has been wonderfully accepted by the growing number of submissions to that particular gallery.

Now, just to quickly refresh on the ideas and mission at the birth of Everything-Nikon: This group is principally all about the capabilities and technology of Nikon camera equipment and not the reliance upon post-production skills, techniques and software capabilities.
So, with this in mind, Everything-Nikon wants to trial an idea ... something new but in keeping with our original core values.

To draw a long but necessary introduction to its conclusion: Here is our ... belated (as it was hoped to announce this last month) ... but nonetheless ... worthy ... all-brand-spanking-shiny ... and ... new ...

Everything-Nikon Foto Challenge 2015

Theme:        Humanity in a Black & White World


The concept for this challenge has been designed in a manner that pays tribute to the origins of photography (for example; photojournalism, reportage, street), where the world was captured in an editorial split second, creating a version of reality, what some might call an 'edited reality' ... a perspective of the world.

Interpreting what you see and portraying this perception across to others is a huge challenge.
Your version of reality .. or more to the point, your view on OR of Humanity!

Colour is all around us every day, wherever we humans go, everything we see whether on television, in the shopping mall, out in the wilderness .. everywhere. By choosing a theme that has a wide variety of interpretation but placing particular restrictions in other ways, (by removing the ability to use colour to reach out from your photograph) this challenge is attempting to push you as an artist and to focus your creativity with limitations attached.

We are letting you run free with a 'wide' concept (the 'meaning' of humanity) but restricting the photography to a single, black & white, non-enhanced or manipulated piece of work brings a wider, more leveled, open and balanced angle to the possibility of who becomes the overall winner of this Super Challenge.

May refer to the condition of being human ...
(from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia -

   Humanity (virtue) - a set of strengths focused on "tending and befriending others"
   Humanities - academic disciplines which study the human condition using analytic, critical, or speculative methods
   The human species - The total world population
   The human condition - the totality of experience of existing as a human
   Human nature - psychological characteristics that members of the humans species have in common

A Black & White World
   Can you portray a colourful world without colour?
   Can you tell a heart-breaking story in a single shot?
   Can you capture everything you want or see by use of the camera alone?

If so, push yourself up-a-notch..
Get creative ...  
Submit your entry ...

Good Luck to all Nikonians

CroWelsh | Co-Daddy Nikon
with a little help from in-my-viewfinder but not allot, far too sunny for that.

Prizes & Goodies

1st Prize
   - One (1) Full Year Premium Membership to DeviantArt
   - 2,000 DeviantArt Points
   - One (1) month Everything-Nikon Journal Feature
   - Added to the Everything-Nikon Feature gallery
   - Announced and Featured on Everything-Nikon Facebook and Twitter pages

2nd Prize

   - Six (6) months Premium Membership to DeviantArt
   - 800 DeviantArt Points
   - One (1) month Everything-Nikon Journal Feature
   - Added to the Everything-Nikon Feature gallery

3rd Prize

   - Six (6) months Premium Membership to DeviantArt
   - 400 DeviantArt Points
   - One (1) month Everything-Nikon Journal Feature
   - Added to the Everything-Nikon Feature gallery

Additional Prizes

   - Journal Feature by Crowelsh

More prizes may be added before the closing date, if offered by other members.  These will be added to the prize breakdown list, if and when they arise.

Important Information and Rules

The standard Everything-Nikon Group Rules apply.  Where rule similarities exist, in part or whole, the Foto Challenge rules will be adhered to and are independent of other galleries pro-vided by Everything-Nikon.
The standard DeviantArt Rules apply.
Everything-Nikon Admin staff are not allegeable for prizes for this competition.

To enter the challenge:

- ONE (1) photograph can be submitted per Deviant.
- Photograph submitted to be in the Landscape Orientation only.
- Submissions can be removed by Deviants to allow the submission of a new different photo-graph.
- The title and a link to the competition is required in your comments section of the submitted photograph.
- Entry submissions are to be made to the EN-Foto Challenge 2015 gallery.

Dates to remember:

- Photographs have to be taken between 1st July 2015 and 30th November 2015.
- Competition closes Monday 30th November at 12 mid-night (UTC Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London).
- Winner (1st place) announced December 2015. Maximum of 2 Runners-Up will be announced (2nd and 3rd place) at the same time.

Additional Submissions Rules:

- EXIF data IS REQUIRED as part of the upload/competition submission, NOT as part of/within the Artist Comments. Film submissions however may add their data into the comments as normal annotating as such.
- HDR, Stitched, Desaturated, Added layers/textures will NOT be accepted.
- Borders, Frames or Logos will NOT be accepted (the DA watermark can be used if the artist wants to).
- Colour photographs not accepted.
- Photographs converted to B&W (grayscale) will be accepted (RAW images will be requested if the Group Admins need clarification).
- If any filtering/filters or in-camera alterations (shooting bank settings, etc.) have been used to achieve an effect - a full description is to be provided as part of the competition submission deviation details (these can be added within the Artist/Deviation comments section).
- The RAW image needs to be available upon request, to ensure the image was firstly, captured on Nikon equipment, secondly, to ensure there has been minimal post-production work performed on the submitted piece. (The original image can be privately shared from your stash to save you sharing images you did not want to. This is a quick and easy way of resolving any queries the Admin staff may have regarding a submission issue).

Journal Feature:

- Journal month will be January 2016.
- Feature will include the winning photograph, plus 4 more photographs by the winner from their own gallery. These can be selected by the winner.
- The winner will also be invited to write piece about their winning photograph and, also, generally about their portfolio. (Further details and arrangements made at the time).

Judging, Finalists & Announcement:

Everything-Nikon Admin will check ALL entries to ensure ALL the competition rules have been met.
  • Admins will select the finalists.
  • All finalist entries will then be presented to the Everything-Nikon Members as a poll.
  • Members will then vote on the best submissions.
  • Voting will take place after the Closing Date.
  • All winners will be announced on the 25 December to worldwide rejoicing and feasting.

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


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Honeycello-Kid Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks for accepting my photo! I really appreciate it. 
I'm more of a wildlife photographer, so this photo is the beginning of my people-portraits. I'm hoping it will work out. It's nice to branch out into different things from time to time!
in-my-viewfinder Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
No problems. I hope this new direction works for you :)
Honeycello-Kid Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks, me too! 
EarthHart Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Spring blessings for the acceptance :iconwineplz:
in-my-viewfinder Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Same to you to but yours is for contributing. We like that kind of thing :)
EarthHart Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
EarthHart Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
:holly::iconwineplz::holly: Happy New Year :holly::iconwineplz::holly:
in-my-viewfinder Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Happy new year To you to!
EarthHart Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
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